Let's make Kolkata a cycling friendly city

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Since August 11, 2008, Kolkata Police has put major restrictions on cycling in Kolkata roads that still continue to exist creating hindrance to thousands of people who use cycling as the only means of transportation within the city.

Kolkata’s average road space is the lowest compared to other metropolitan cities and cars occupy only 6% of this space. In addition, the average commuting distance is also close to 3 km which can be easily covered by a cycle.

About 25 Lakh cycle trips are made in the city daily by people coming from all walks of life. Cycles can increase the income of poor families by as much as 35%, revealed a study. About 11% of Kolkata’s population rely on cycles so much that trips by cycles have outnumbered trips by cars.

Sign the petition and help this initiative to bring back cycles on Kolkata roads to make our city cyclable with clean air and to support the livelihoods of those people who are dependent on cycles.