Let's make Bangalore India's first cycling friendly city

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To: Honourable Bangalore Mayor

1. Provide temporary pop-up bicycle tracks connecting industrial areas to efficiently restart the economy in a safe, environment-friendly and congestion-free mode.
2. Opening busy shopping streets as ONLY cycling and walking zones across the city and closed for motor vehicles to enable social distancing and safer retail activities.
3. Approve an NMT policy for the city and empower DULT to prepare a Comprehensive NMT plan for the city as well as an action plan to implement this.
4. Create an NMT cell headed by a technocrat – NMT Special Commissioner within BBMP.
5. Earmark a budget of 500 crores every year to BBMP NMT cell to ensure all streets in Bangalore have a useable footpath and are made cycle-friendly as per the Comprehensive NMT Plan & Action plan by DULT.