Let's make Pune city cycling friendly

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To: Municipal Commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation

Pune city has a huge traffic problem. And as the government bodies try to build more and more roads for that traffic, we see an influx of more vehicles registered every year. Pune is called Oxford of East for its academic excellence. It’s also India’s second-largest IT hub. While both these things were inspired by their western counterparts mainly in the USA, they failed to focus on the commute of students and employees. Almost every university and large IT parks in the USA offer cycling-friendly campuses as well as pop bicycle lanes on major roads in respective cities. Sadly Pune’s colleges and offices have failed to do this on a large scale.

It is very important that companies, especially IT parks and government offices and colleges around which traffic is the maximum – should offer their employees alternate ways to commute. Luckily Pune’s cycling community is growing fast. Thanks to the first municipal cycle department in India, Pune has seen good growth in cyclists. But many of these cyclists use cycles for recreational/exercise purposes. Thanks to the accessible cycling department many parts of Pune got dedicated cycling lanes and stands.[1] There has however barely been a rise in cycling being looked at as a commuting option.

The cycle to commute revolution in Pune can be achieved with the following

  1. Notification for bicycle-friendly workplaces in Private and Government offices and colleges in PMC and PCMC areas. This should include the provision of Changing rooms, Shower facilities, Cycle Stands
  2. Pop up lanes on major roads near IT parks and colleges
    Many colleges and IT parks have large campuses which attract a large number of students and employees. Pop lanes around campuses can ensure more use of Public Bicycle Sharing systems by students and employees in these areas.

Dear Punekar, Pune city has already pioneered the concept of a truly bicycle-friendly city thanks to citizen participation and PMC’s efforts. We have a chance to take it a step further by making it a city that Cycles to work”.

[1] https://www.pmc.gov.in/en/cycle