Let's make Ranchi cycling friendly

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To: Mr Hemant Soren, Chief Minister of Ranchi


1. Demand for cycling parking stations across all commercial and residential buildings, shopping malls, government buildings and places of public interest.
2. Request for continuity of the “Shanivar No Car” campaign in all major cities of Jharkhand.
3. Use IPRD LED Boards and hoardings to promote the benefits of cycling.
4. Create Pop-up bicycle lanes for instant relief in the main streets of the cities to boost Cyclists and make roads safer for Cyclists.
5. Adopt a Non-Motorized Transportation Policy for the state.
6. Adopt cycling-friendly policies in building bylaws for future development across the state.

Why this is important?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in more and more people trying to avoid public transportation for fear of contracting the virus and like in other parts of the world, India experienced a boom in bicycle sales during the coronavirus pandemic.

Although most Indian cities are not bicycle-friendly, there has been a sharp increase in recreational cycling during the pandemic as people try to beat cabin fever during lockdowns, get exercise, or avoid commutes on stuffed public transport.

People now feel the need for private transport more than ever. And a major section can still not afford cars, so cycling presents an opportunity like no other.

India’s Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry said the pandemic has presented an opportunity to make cities more accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. A June advisory recommended pedestrianization of at least three markets in every city and more bicycle lanes.

Given that, there is a push for cycling at a national level. Let us demand our municipal corporation to take some steps in the right direction. Join the movement to make Ranchi cycling friendly.

Kanishka Poddar
Bicycle Mayor of Ranchi