Make Mumbai the cycling capital of India

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Uddhav Thackeray, Chief Minister, Maharashtra
Aaditya Thackrey, Environment Minister, Maharashtra

Cyclists of Mumbai have a unanimous voice when it comes to bare minimum necessities in terms of sharing the roads with motorised transportation and ensuring road safety for everyone. As part of making Mumbai truly cycle friendly, we demand

  1. Pothole-free roads, minus paver blocks which are a huge hindrance for cyclists and discourage young kids and teenagers from adopting cycling due to the fear of injury.
  2. Provide bicycle parking stands
    –  in/ near every school which will help students to use them.
    –  near shopping hubs/markets which will encourage people to go to the market on a bicycle.
    –  in business complexes which will encourage corporate employees to use bicycles as a way to commute to work.
    –  Malls and theatres
  3. Initiate a Non-Motorised Transport cell in Mumbai with a yearly budget of 300 crores earmarked towards cycling infrastructure